Killing by “chance medley” in Hereford, 1511

An inquest was convened over the body of gentleman Henry Baskirville of Hereford on 1 September 1511. Jurors held he’d been killed two days before in a knife fight with Roger Lloide, also gentleman of Hereford. The jurors used a term for the killing that was quite new then (earlier than the OED‘s first usage):Continue reading “Killing by “chance medley” in Hereford, 1511″

A bookseller’s slaying

On 6 November 1556, a coroner’s inquest convened over the body of John Obett of Westminster, accidentally killed in a silly quarrel with a schoolboy. Obett had a stall near Westminster Hall where he sold maps, charts, and books. At 11am a group of schoolboys came out from the “common school of the city ofContinue reading “A bookseller’s slaying”