Sir Banger

In 1527 yeoman John Mathew assaulted and killed “a certain priest vulgarly called Sir Banger.” Yes, the whole point of this post is to point out that a 16th-c priest was nicknamed Sir Banger.

Mathew revealed this homicide when he took sanctuary later that year at a London church, All Saints Bread Street. He also confessed to assaulting and robbing the wife of Robert Sampson the year before at St. Giles without Cripplegate, another London parish.


Mathew abjured the realm and was supposed to leave the kingdom through the port of Dover. A year later, though, he was back in court. He acknowledged that he was back in the realm despite his abjuration, but was able to produce a royal pardon that made it all go away.

The court thus dismissed his case and he walked. No justice, then, for poor Sir Banger.

TNA, KB 9/506/1, m. 115-16; KB 27/1067, rex m. 4. Top image source

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