Conspiracy to murder in Gloucester

On 4 November 1426, one Thomas Brugge was attacked and killed at Gloucester. The coroner’s inquest jury reported that Richard Arleston, also of Gloucester, servant, had committed the murder, and that Arleston’s master, John Rede of Gloucester, brewer and constable of the town, along with five of Rede’s other servants, were accessories to murder.

The jurors reported that Arleston, with Rede’s help, fled to the church of St. Peter in Gloucester following the killing; he probably abjured (I haven’t found that record) and he was outlawed in 1428. One other of Arleston’s accessories was also outlawed, but Rede and most of the others pleaded not guilty and asked to have their cases put to a jury. The latest record I’ve found (KB 27) indicates that no jury could be empaneled, so it’s not clear how it all ended.

TNA, KB 9/222/1, m. 60; KB 29/60, m. 10; KB 27/663, rex m. 6.

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