Double robbery and a hanging

Another abjurer found in the realm: in July 1406, John Sutton of Kingston-on-Thames took sanctuary in the church of St. Margaret in Merrow, Surrey. He confessed to the coroner that four days before he had robbed an unknown man on the highway between Kingston and Wandsworth, stealing five shillings; and that on the same day he took sanctuary he and another felon, Robert Holm, had robbed John Middleton of Hampton on the highway near Stoke, Surrey.

Sutton abjured the realm and was assigned the port of Dover. But he either never left England or returned, as by May 1407 he was in custody and at Kings’s Bench he was sentenced to hang.

TNA, KB 27/584, rex m. 9. This is one of a number of cases that the indefatigable Surrey researcher Dr. Graham Dawson has sent me: many thanks to him.

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