Mysterious pardons and time machines

Although some seekers, such as John Sutton, were hanged when found in the realm after abjuration, that was not always the outcome: on 1 Dec. 1405, Alexander Copeman was pardoned by the king not only for all his felonies but also for “being in the realm without licence” after abjuration. I’m not sure what exactly Alexander did; the record doesn’t indicate that.

As always, I would love to know why some were pardoned and others left to hang. In some cases, further research uncovers contexts (connections, mitigating circumstances). For others, like Alexander Copeman’s case, I’ll be working on a time machine that will allow brief and disease-resistant trips to the past, with optional invisibility cloak just to observe, or full dress option to participate. Please support me through my gofundme page.

CPR 1405-08, 102.

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